Jejoong D-400 Dilos Medical Film Illuminator

Medical Film Illuminator


Slim Style 

DILOS is one of world slimmest & lightest film illuminator 

DILOS achieved the luminance uniformity over 90% by using sixteen lamps EEFL per bank. 

Long Lasting Lamps 
DILOS uses External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp(EEFL) which increases electric efficiency and gives long life time more than 20,000 hours. 

High Frequency Inverter 
DILOS has a high frequency inverter which reduces eye fatigue by eliminating flickering, increases lamp life. And makes instant lighting and relighting easy 

Continuous Brightness Control 
DILOS provides convenience by adopting continuous brightness control function for optimum reading capability even under conditions of various film densities and lightings of reading room as well as ON/OFF switch for each viewing area 

DILOS Specification 
• Light source : EEFL Lamp 
• Luminance : 7,000~12,000 Lux (continuous dimming) / m2, 2,300 ~ 4,000 cd / m2 
• Uniformity : 90% min 
• Life time : Over 20,000 hr 

Frame (mm) (W x H x D) : 1,465 x 512 x 39
View (mm) (W x H) : 1,424 x 422 (56" x 17")

Input current (A max) : 2.8
Power Consumption (W max) : 160

Net weight : Approx. 8.0kg (17.7lb)