Acare HCB‐M 3032A Three Crank Manual Bed

Three-cranks manual bed with aluminium head end/foot end board

Three-Crank Manual Bed
Merk : ACARE
Country of Origin : CHINA
Type : HCB-3032A



  • Down swiveling individual safety side-rail, upside two-level suspension designed, easily fold while not-in use
  • Detachable ABS plastic Head End board with alumunium strut, available for CPR
  • Alumunium alloy hanging rail, and draw out tray
  • Dual sealed lifting colums supporting back board, rolling wheels structure ensures perfect stability
  • Universal linking cardo structure crank, safe, quiet, dust-free and smooth operation
  • Hi-lo crank with Germany-made spring assistance, light and easy to use
  • ABS plastic cover base, anti dust and elegant
  • Alumunium head end /foot end board
  • CE, EMI, UL safety approved actuator


Specification :

  • Construction : Square Steel Pipes
  • Finishing : Powder Coating
  • Head and Foot Panel : ABS Plastic & Alumunium
  • Side Rails : Alumunium & ABS Plastic
  • Overall Dimensions : L2180mm x W925mm x H500mm
  • Back rest tilting : 80º ± 5º
  • Bumpers Respectively : 4 corners
  • Back rest tilting : 80º ± 5º
  • Leg rest tilting : 45º ± 5º
  • Out put Voltage : 24V DC
  • Accessories
    • Adjustable infusion stand stainless steel : 1 pcs